History (lots of!)

Particulars of the 64′ Sparkman & Stephens Sloop “AMOR MARIS”:

Construction seems to have started in 1941 at “Chantiers C. Meynjjens & Fils” in Antwerp/Belgium to the order of the Canadian Ambassador to Belgium at that time. The hull was built of “hot riveted” steel. She was completed (without rigging) in 1942 and seems to have been requisitioned to serve as a patrol boat in the North Sea of the atlantic ocean during the remainder of the war.

Following the war it is not clear when (and if!) the original owner ever actually took delivery to make her the yacht she was meant to be. She is “back on record” in 1956 when aparently the Canadian Ambassador to France had her completed at the famous yard of “De Fries Lentsch” as a yacht bearing the name “Forban”. She remained in his ownership until 1968 flying the Canadian flag.

As early as 1968 the yacht, still under the name “Forban” not only changed ownership but also did receive a major refit at “Hellenic Shipyards” C.=. (Scaramanga, Greece) at the order of her new Owner, Mr.Karapanos.
The wooden mast was changed to Aluminimn,the Hull replated with Seaman Martin Plates (SMM), the Engine changed from a 6 cyl 82 HP VOLVO to a 6 cyl 140 HP. VOLVO, the Deck Planks changed for used 6,8cm(!) 100 year old Burma Teak from a merchant vessel, and finally the Interior was redesigned having the back cockpit added, the 3 front cabins converted into 2 double cabins plus a seperate crew-cabin and the galley made larger. Mr.Karapanos sold “Forban” in 1971.

The new owner changed her name to “Serena” which she kept thru the next 3 owners (Eldemar Compania Naviera S.A, (1971-1979), PANAMA-Flag,
Mr. Mark Sange, (1979-1989). U.S.A.-flag and Mr. John Dennis, (1989-1997), UK-flag.

Eventually Mr.Peter Lasa of Madird purchased her in 1997, registering her again under UK-flag but renaming her “Amalthea”. Following that purchase she did receive yet again a major refit at ALMERIMAR,(ALMERIA, SPAIN) having the Hull sand blasted and protected, the Electrical System completly rewired and the Interior was re-designed transforming the back cabin into an owner’s stateroom with a library. The rest of the cabins and the galley were restored and the new cabin transformed into another guest cabin. The Rigging was put up to date having the mainsail fitted with a full batten system and the genova was adapted with a furling system. The winches changed to self-tailing.
The absolutely wonderful and irreplacable 100 year old teak deck was re-kaulked but remained in place!

By 2007 “Amalthea” did receive a full new wardrobe of Hood-sails, including an assymetrical light-winds blister in “a sock”. These sails have seen extremely little use in the years following.

Since 2013 Amalthea has a new owner and a new name: “AMOR MARIS” (“The Love of the Sea”)
She has been dedicated to serve as a research and promotion vessel for a maritime environmental awareness project to temporarily replace the flagship of this non-profit NGO which is being held illegally by the “Mallorca-Yacht-Mafia” (Oscar Siches & Pablo Roca of Pantalan Mediterraneo & Muele Viejo) in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Some further major adaptions were carried out, ranging from a new lazy-jack/lazy-bag system to aid in short handed sailing operation (the yacht has been sailed some 2.000 nm since – most of which single handed!), the entire rudder assembly has been replaced/re-fabricated, some supporting struts have been replaced and extensive rust-treatment executed. New paint- & varnish work applied, new exterior paint, the entire electric system has received a major workover. Other than the usual ongoing maintenance there is little that would need addressing for the years to come!

During the winter 2013/2014 “Amor Maris” has seen some rather heavy weather sailing in the Mediterranean and has performed exceptionally well! She is a phantastic sailing yacht that will quickly pick up speeds of 5kts in only some 8kts of wind – while she will as gracefully also take 35+ kts of wind and heavy seas exhilerating up to continuous 11-12 kts of Speed Over Ground(!)
Her length compared to her width and draft all contribute to this outstanding performance that will thrill the heart of a true man of the sea.

Unfortunately she fell victim to theft in November 2014, mysteriously resurfaced in the small Algerian fishing village of Collo which is where and when she (and we) have been abandoned by the insurance we trusted: Pantaenius.

Ever since we have been wasting precious time, our Oceans would have needed us to dedicate to saving and protecting them.
VERY precious time – we at first invested in trying to make Pantaenius see reason and live up to their obligations, and, when finally there was no other choice left, with taking them to court.
….and this is where they have been applying all “tricks of the (legal) trade” to stall, to be evasive, to trick us, the court, and most of all avoid to man up, accept their responsibility and do what any insured around the world expects their insurance to do in such a worst case situation.

(Report compiled based on information surrendered by the previous owner, Mr.Peter Lasa of Madrid)

Classic Sparkman & Stephens – DeFries Lentsch 64' Sailing Yacht