SY “Amor Maris” is not available for charter!
Being owned by a non-profit NGO and operated in a project that aims to raise public awareness for the distress the oceans of our world are in, we however do offer a number of different possibilities to come sailing with us.

Our current projects, current and future cruising grounds as well as typne, nature, purpose and duration of our cruises are always being published on our main website. Please do check there for up-to-date information as our adminstrative staff simply does not have enough time to keep all our websites current.

It’s difficult to say where we will be at any given time, because: Whenever there is wind to move – we move! 🙂

So if you want to join us on short notice to enjoy sailing this tremendously fabulos classic beauty – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Even so sailing with us always is for free! – we do appreciate a fair donation enabling us to proceed with our work.

Classic Sparkman & Stephens – DeFries Lentsch 64' Sailing Yacht