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Palamos now – Cote d’ next!

SY “AMOR MARIS” currently is at Marina Palamos near Port Rosas at the French/Spanish border.

We expect to arrive at the Cote d’ Azur End of April / Beginning of May and will be cruising the waters of Southern France at least until June 8th (End of “Voiles d’ Antibes”).

Between June 9th 2014 and End of June we will be sailing her back towards the area of Malaga/Gibraltar to spend the Summer there, during which we will be operating free day-excursions for people to see, watch and experience Dolphins in their natural habitat in order to understand from first-hand experience that Dolphins simply do not belong in captivity. (Part of our work as Ocean Awareness NGO)

Comes September our current plans will se us sailing North towards Germany where we intend to arrive the latest by end of October 2014 in order to enter the river Rhine.

November & December are dedicated to further refit- / beautifying work because by January we hope to display AMOR MARIS at the largest boat-show in Europe: The “Boot” in Duesseldorf/Germany in order to promote our NGO to the general public.