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STOLEN! ….and abandoned by Pantaenius!

Its totally crazy to steal a Classic Yacht!

Where would you go, without it getting immediately recognized?

….well: Never the less, this is exactly what has happend to this georgous lady, between November 15th and 16th 2014 from the Marina of Roses, Costa Brava, Spain.

Health reasons had forced me end of August 2014 to surrender control and responsibility, for as well our Nonprofit-NGO (786Global) as for this wonderful yacht, to the newly elected board mainly consisting of Mr. Michael Rathausky and his brother Thomas Rathausky of Vienna.
Until then Mr. Michael Rathausky had enjoyed the thrill and pleasure AMOR MARIS most certainly has to offer, numerous times,  for free, together with his ever changing number of “lady-friends”…
But of course carrying the actual weight of responsibility is a different story than worry-free sailing-fun.

In any case:
AMOR MARIS was spotted at some time during Sunday November 16th 2014 by a patrol-plane of the french coast guard.
At a position some 35 miles south of the Spanish main land, steaming with some 5kts on a southerly corse.
Heading Straight For Mallorca!
Fortunately the crew of the plane noticed it to be strange, that a sailing yacht would be running under engine only, despite that there would have been good sailing wind. In addition they found it strange, that the harbour-covers seemed to be on and the fenders still were hanging outside.

They went down and did circle the boat a number of times, trying to call her on the radio but did not receive any answer. No one was visible on board.
All of that strange enough to write down the domain name of our NGO on display from a harbour-banner we used to fly from the port spreader, pass that information to the Spanish coast guard, who did look up the website, found my phone-number under “Contact” and gave me a call.
Basically just asking if “it was OK” for AMOR MARIS to be out there at sea and if there possibly was an emergency.
I did call Mr. Rathausky with him claiming not to have any knowledge of AMOR MARIS having left Roses Club Nautico.

By the time I was able to get back with the Spanish Coast Guard, they had lost track of AMOR MARIS (and did not seem very eager to at least try to locate her.)

We’d have to speculate what actually did happen on board during the following week or so, but she did not show up in Mallorca as her last position and course would have led us to expect – but:

Steaming towards Algeria!
A few miles before hitting the shore, the Coast Guard of Algeria was able to board her, find no one on board, engine running, autopilot on.
They did bring her into the Port of Collo in Algeria.
Apparently a small fishing village some 500km east of the city of Algiers.
….at least delivering proof of what a remarkable vessel she is! Traversing the entire Mediterranean Sea, in November, on her own!

And this is where AMOR MARIS still is!
(apparently, because no one seems to be able to give us any information on that)

Luckily we did carry insurance with Pantaenius, an Insurance Company claiming to be THEE insurance for yachts.
So they would make sure that AMOR MARIS will be returend at least somewhere to Europe, where we could take her in our arms, fix what needs fixing and get on with our projects.
….or so we thought…

At first they started to play a “strange game” insisting that we should authorise some subcontractor of theirs (actually a 100% daughter, MCS, Marine Claim Service) to move AMOR MARIS from Collo to Algiers.
165 Miles to the West.
The exact same distance (also 165 nm) would get AMOR MARIS back to Europe, to Cagliari / Sardinia/ Italy!
So why on earth would they want to take her to Algiers?
(Until today nobody had been willing and or able to answer that question to me.)

Upon us insisting them to rather repatriate AMOR MARIS to “any port in Europe” they suddenly were difficult to reach, started to act evasive and suddenly cancelled our insurance stating reasons which clearly are BS. (A fact that we can prove!)

Next thing we knew was, that the fellow they (Pantaenius) had assigned to look after AMOR MARIS suddenly made a claim against us, demanding € 4.500.00 (!) per month(!) for checking on AMOR MARIS once a month!
Not even the most daring crooks in Mallorca, actually being famous for ripoff schemes like that would come up with a stunt like that.

We then asked the Austrian Foreign Ministery for assistance, but only learned that they don’t feel obligated to help us at all, just informing us that they had issued the second highest warning-level for travel to Algiers and would “not extend any help” if someone would attempt to leave Algiers in order to travel the 500km to Collo.
“This is IS-Territory! Do not go there! No matter what!”

The Algerian Embassy which we tried to talk to next were very friendly, sympathetic and full of promises – but nothing has come from that either.

So the current situation is as such, that AMOR MARIS (most likely) still is in Collo moored to the jetty of the Coast Guard.
We still do not receive any suuport from neither the Austrian Office for Foreign Affairs, nor from the Algerian Embassy (Government), nor from anyone else. Least of all from Pantaenius who are playing “blind and deaf”.

Well, it may have taken long, but today I was finally able to “hack” myself back into this website and the one of 786Global; Something Mr. Rathausky had tried to prevent for the past 2 years or so!
(I just wonder when the Police will start to have a few serious chats with that guy, and his on-/off lady friend (& accomplice?) Miss “Birgit Waygand” (also of Vienna) ….I mean it has been TWO YEARS by now!

Anyone knowing me just a little bit must be aware, that I not only never give up, but I also will hold those responsible, or at least involved to some extend, accountable. No matter how long it will take to bring them down and to justice.

Anyone willing and/or able to help us with any information, advice, assitance or ideas on how to repatriate AMOR MARIS at least to Europe: PLEASE DO CONTACT US!!